Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last Minute Thanksgiving Placemat

Here's a re-post of a guest blog I did last year on Noodlehead.  I didn't actually have a blog at the time and Anna was kind enough to post this.  Shortly after this post, I got into blogging and started Punkin Patterns.

This placemat was inspired by one I saw at a friend’s house. I used felt to make it a quick last-minute project to decorate my kids’ Thanksgiving table. This project can be done on the machine or by hand. I stitched it up by hand.

Materials Needed:

This makes enough for 3 placemats.

½ yard dark red felt (72” wide)
¼ yard dark brown felt (72” wide)
3 9” x 12” pieces of tan felt
Remnants of black, red, and gold felt
Coordinating thread
Turkey Placemat Pattern (PDF)


Cut out the following pieces:
Feathers A: Cut one on fold in dark red felt
Feathers B: Cut one on fold in dark brown felt
Body: Cut one on fold in tan felt
Eyes: Cut two in black felt
Beak: Cut one in gold felt
Wattle: Cut one in red (or dark red) felt

Place Feathers A and Feathers B together centering B in A, making sure that the bottom straight edges line up. Pin together. Sew from edge of bumps on feathers down to center of turkey leaving pockets in the feathers. (See diagram). Sew along bottom straight edge also. Set aside.

Sew beak, wattle and eyes on body.

Sew body onto Feathers (A and B) in the center, lining up straight edges on the bottom. You’re done! Place on the table with knife, spoon, and fork in the pockets and a plate on top. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy this.


  1. This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for re-posting this.

  2. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I wish we were going to have kids around for the holidays this year!!

  3. Just found this and have put it on my 'have to make for nieces .' :) thanks so much!

  4. How cute - I think I am going to make these in cotton and to heck with kids - my husband & I will use them!!

  5. My mother just passed away and we are having a huge Thankgiving Celebration with all of the family - and this would be perfect for the "kids" table - not sure how many of the 21 Great Grandchildren will be there - but for the younger ones - gotta make this!!

  6. just made 9 of these placemats for the grandchildren for Thanksgiving. Thanks for reposting. I wanted to make these before and couldn't find the pattern again.

  7. I'm going to make these for our grandchildren and kiddos who will be our Thanksgiving guests. Thanks for the pattern.



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