Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mossy Spring Wreath

Well, my son and I had to make the mossy spring wreath from The Magic Onion when we saw it.  When you're 4 years old, who doesn't love a good gluing project?  I used reindeer moss on our wreath instead of spanish moss and I love the effect.  We also added some birds to the nest (per Connor's request - "The eggs need a mommy and daddy bird").  I love that too!

Here's Connor having fun with the glue and moss!  It was a great activity to do together while his little sister napped!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Natural Easter Baskets

I had to take a break from my spring cleaning to whip up three of these natural Easter baskets I saw on V and Co.  Guest blogger Disney from Ruffles and Stuff made these pottery barn inspired baskets.  I love most things I see in Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids, but it's so much more fun to make it yourself.  So now I have three of these beautiful baskets (two for the Easter bunny to fill and one for my table filled with flowers!).  Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buttercup Bags

Do any of you have a go-to project that you use as a gift if you don't know what to make?  I certainly do.  I love the buttercup bag from Rae over at MadeByRae.  I have made so many of these bags for friends and myself. I love that you need two fat quarters.  I always have those around!

What's your go-to project??  I'd love to add some to my list.  Leave a comment and let me know what you like to make!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun with the kids

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day here in Minnesota (64 degrees and sunny!).  Connor was on spring break and so we spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the Como zoo and conservatory.  They had so much fun.  They especially liked the "jungle".  Here's some snapshots.  I thought you'd enjoy of some flowers in the conservatory.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

My husband and I made some cupcakes last night with green frosting (of course).  We tried out a gluten-free Betty Crocker mix.  They were really good. You can't even tell it's Gluten free.  I would definitely recommend them!  We don't have anyone in the house with a gluten allergy, but my sister-in-law does and we're always looking for more gluten-free dishes and baking recipes.  I could easily see keeping one of these Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix on hand in the pantry.  The frosting was buttercream.  Yum!  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. 

I am still sewing.  I'm in the middle of my spring cleaning frenzy!  There's something about this time of year when the snow is disappearing and I just need to clean and organize (maybe even do a little painting too)!  Can't wait until I organize my sewing area better. So many ideas looking at everyone's craft room makeovers.  It's inspired me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flowers and Fat Quarters

I ran down to Minneapolis today to do an errand for my mom and she thanked me with these beautiful flowers.  It's such a breath of fresh air to have fresh flowers as the snow is beginning to disappear and the first signs of spring are seen in the garden.  Thanks Mom!

While down in Minneapolis, I popped into a new fabric store in my parents' neighborhood (Sewtropolis).  I couldn't resist coming out with a few fat quarters.  It was a great space with beautiful fabrics. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wow! I can't believe I got second place in the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design challenge.  Thanks to everyone who voted.  All of the other entries were so great!  I may just have to borrow some of those ideas for my own projects.  I could totally see my son in the Monster Hoodie! Thanks again!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kisses for a teacher

One of the teachers at my son's preschool is having a birthday soon and the kids are throwing a little party tomorrow.  We heard she likes Rice Krispiy bars and I saw this post just before Valentine's Day (but I didn't get a chance to make them) so I thought it would be fun to whip one up for his teacher.  My 4-year-old happily helped make them.  He snuck a few marshmallows when he thought I wasn't looking.  Don't forget to thank your teachers for all their hard work!

Monday, March 8, 2010

At the end of the rainbow

Here's a super quick (5 minute) tutorial for a pot of gold!  You'll need 1 piece of 8"x12" black felt (or other color of your choice), the pattern, and your "gold".

Cut out 2 pattern pieces (on fold).  Sew around the edge with 1/8" seam (shown here in light colored thread). 

Pull corners out (on the bottom of the pot) making the bottom flat.  Measure 3/4" from corner point and mark a line.  Sew.  Repeat on other side.  Trim excess.

Turn right side out and roll the top down 3/4" and then roll down again another 3/4".  If you like you can tack down the rolled edge with a needle and thread or some fabric glue.  Fill with gold and you're done.  Finished measurements: 3 1/4" tall and 3" in diameter.  I think I'm going to use mine at the breakfast table and fill them with KIX for the kiddos.  Happy St. Patty's Day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spicy Pony Head

Yup, you read that correctly.  Spicy Pony Head.  So my brother-in-law and his wife love the spicy pony head comedy sketch from the Kasper Hauser Comedy podcast.  (If you haven't heard this yet take a listen here.)

Anyway, my husband had a great idea to make a spicy pony head t-shirt for their 2-year old daughter.  He said "Wouldn't it be funny if you could get a spicy pony head t-shirt with a horses' head and frilly flowers on it for a girl and instead of saying something like 'My Pretty Pony', wouldn't it be great if it said 'spicy pony head' in some girly writing."

So I ran to Target (my go-to place for cheap shirts) and I found this one for $4.  It had a butterfly detail at the bottom left which I could cover with the horse head.  I rummaged through my fat quarter stash and found this nice burgandy leaf pattern and a bit of daisy chain edging.  I did a quick search on Google images to find a horse head silhouette that I liked and used it as a pattern for my appliqu√©.  I did a quick embroidery of the words spicy pony head using a back stitch.  Et voil√†!  The spicy pony head shirt is born.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finalist in the LBB/Dharma Challenge

If you're here from Lil Blue Boo, welcome and take a look around!

I was so excited to learn that my Spring Fever dress is a finalist in the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma design challenge! All the entries were so great I can't even believe that I was chosen. I must admit I was a little hopeful when I got an email from Ashley last night asking if I had a name for this dress.

Congratulations to all the other finalists. All of the entries are so beautiful and fun. I know they'll inspire some of my future projects.

So here's my shameless plug: "Vote for me!.....please."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dinosaur Designs

Several people have emailed me and asked me where I got my T-Rex design for my 45-minute t-shirt makeover. I actually just sat down and made a quick sketch right onto my freezer paper. But for those of you who would really like a copy here you go. I also included a triceratops skull that I'm going to use for another dino shirt (using the 45-minute t-shirt tutorial) later this week. Enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Alpaca Men's Scarf

My husband's grandfather just turned 90! We went to a big party last weekend in Milwaukee at the Polish Center to celebrate the event and had lots of fun. It was so great to see and catch up with family.

I really enjoy making gifts for people and when my mother-in-law told me he could use a nice, soft scarf to go with his black wool coat I knew just what to make. I've had this pattern for a while. It's from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. I used the corrected book version that can be found here. It was an easy, quick knit since it uses size 11 needles. The scarf made in the book used cashmere, but baby alpaca is a great (much less expensive) substitute.

While in Milwaukee, we also got a chance to go to the public museum. It was great. The kids loved the dinosaurs and shells!


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