Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring is Here! . . . (finally)

Well the snow has finally all gone. It's been here since November, so it's about time. Our yard is waking up and it's spring!

There's new life coming . . .

duck egg nest
Duck eggs (actually at my in-laws house)

Flowers poking up through the soil . .

lily buds 1

lily buds 2

The shrubs and trees are budding . . .

french lilac buds

The moss has sprung to life . . .

moss bed

The wildlife has returned . . .

Wild turkey

The rhubarb is waking up . . .

rhubarb sprouting

Plants are waking up everywhere. . .


So much life and so much fun for little kids. Little fingers looking under rocks to find more life . . .

worms and slugs
worms and slugs

Fingers happily digging in the sand. . .
sandbox fun

and little feet anxious to go fast!



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