Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Modern Art for a QuiltCon block

The Modern Quilt Guild is getting ready for their first convention appropriately named QuiltCon this February.  As part of the fun, they have a block challenge which you can make a quilt block that's 12.5" by whatever, using the official quiltcon colors (solids or prints).  My local chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG) decided to do a fabric exchange so we could each purchase a yard of one of the fabrics and exchange fat eights to get all the colors we needed.  I was assigned a tangerine print -- (you can see it in my finished block).  I really had fun designing and making this block.

mod art quiltcon block

OK -- a bit about the block itself . . . I was inspired by modern art for this block -- no specific piece -- just my idea of modern art.  I really liked how it came together (at least on the second attempt - I'll show you the first in a second).  I wanted to incorporate a bit of print with the solid to give it depth and character, but not get too busy even though it's a busy design.  What do you think??

mod art quiltcon block, final

It came together so well, I even had to show you the back too!!  Yes, this block is all pieced (no applique).  The circles came together perfectly and so did all of the curvy bits -- no puckers!!

beautifully pieced back

back of curved piece

Here's attempt #1 -- I will not be sending this block in for the challenge.  It has several puckers (which I've circled for you) and I unintentionally made the mirror image of my original design.  No one would know that little fact but me, but it annoyed me.

block attempt #1

Biggest mistake here was rushing -- I didn't take my time on this block, and it shows.  On the second block (at the top of the post), I took my time, and the block came out perfectly.  This second block is going to be part of a charity quilt that the MMQG is putting together - so it won't be wasted.

block attempt #1, mirror

The finished block size is 12.5" square.

Original design copyrighted by Vanessa Lynch of Punkin Patterns.


  1. It's gorgeous! I really love what you did with all the colors and the modern art inspiration really shows through.

  2. Wow, your block is amazing! I can't believe how perfectly you pieced that circle.

  3. Love the block... amazing work...


  4. This is gorgeous! I am really slacking on my quilt con block. You know what, I'm probably not going, so I'll just use the lovely fabrics I made to make some bags instead. Great work!!

  5. Good for you for making a second run at a great idea. The design totally works with the idea of a Modern Art museum piece.

  6. Congratulations on having your block featured in the MQG newsletter this morning - I spotted it the minute I saw it!

  7. This is a gorgeous block! I'm looking for a modern quilt block that uses a circle and yours is fab! Any chance of a tutorial or even a just a pattern so I can make one myself? Pretty please??! currently making a modern quilt with 12" blocks each a different rainbow colour! Many thanks!

    1. It's on my list of things to do, but I probably won't get to it for a bit. Trying to finish up several patterns right now.

  8. I want to study this block closly and try to figure out how to do it myself. Here is a sketch that I always wanted to use to design a quilt but could never figure out how. Perhaps you have helped me get closer to making it a reality.
    Here is my sketch:

  9. Fantastic block! Would you mind if I use a rendition of it as one of the mini quilts I'd like to put on my Bird on a Wire quilt?



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