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Gift Bag Tote - A tutorial

gift bag tote

This little gift bag is a simple gift bag to present your friends with an eco-friendly re-usable gift bag which is so elegant it can become their favorite new tote. There are two sizes perfect for a small gift and a standard gift. This project was featured at Pellon's booth at Quilt Market, Fall 2012. You can also get these instructions on Pellon's site.

gift bag totes

You'll need :: (this makes one large or two small bags).

3/4 yd main color
1/4 yd contrast
1/2 yd Pellon Fusible Fleece (987F)
1/3 yd Pellon Double-sided fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer (72F)
1 yd 1 1/4" wide cotton webbing (belting)

You'll also need::
coordinating thread, sewing machine and an iron

Small version size is in parenthesis.

Cutting your pieces::
main fabric - cut four pieces 17.5" wide by 14.5" tall (10.5" square)
contrast fabric - cut two pieces 17.5" wide by 5" tall (10.5" x 4")
AND two pieces 17.5" x 3" (one piece 15" x 3")
fusible fleece - cut two pieces 17.5" x 16" (10.5" x 11.5")
cotton belting - two 14" pieces (one 12")
Double sided stabilizer - cut one piece 10.5" x 5" (7" x 4")

1/2" Seam allowance (unless otherwise stated).

mini version

Start by placing the main piece and pinning the contrast to the top, right sides together and sew.

sew exterior pieces together

Iron flat and repeat for the other side of the bag.

front, exterior
Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the exterior bag pieces matching the bottom of the fleece to the bottom of the exterior piece. Note: The fleece will not go all the way up the fabric.

attach the fleece
Pin the top and bottom of the bag together and sew around leaving the top open.

sew the outside

Pull the corners out flat and mark a line where the corner measures 5" (4") across.

square corners

Sew along this line, reinforcing it. Cut away the excess fabric. Turn right side out.

trim excess

Repeat for the lining.

make the lining

Place piece of double sided stabilizer in the bottom of the bag.

insert bottom

Place lining inside the main bag (wrong sides touching and iron down the top contrast 1/2".

fold over

Fold the contrast down on the inside of the bag. Pin this in place from the outside.

pin it down

Sew around the contrast roughly 1/8" catching the fabric on the back side to secure it.

top stitch 2

Top stitch roughly 1/8" from the edge of the bag. Put aside.

top stitch

Take the piece of 17.5" x 3" (15" x 3") fabric. Fold in thirds and iron flat.

fold in thirds

Place it on the center of the belting and stitch close to the edges to secure. Leave the tail on each end.

making the straps, 1

Fold the tail piece so it meets the belting. Fold again and secure. Repeat for a second handle if doing the larger bag.

making the straps, 2

Place the handles 5" in from each side and secure. Repeat for other side.

secure handles

(If you're making the small one, place one handle in the center of the bag, holding front to back).

detail, red and brown

To fold and store flat, you simply flatten the bottom (like a paper gift bag) and store!

fold flat to store

Now your beautiful Gift Bag Tote is ready to hold your present for that special someone! Happy Sewing!

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