Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Playtime Dress, Tunic and Leggings

I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of Oliver+S' new pattern: Playtime Dress, Tunic and Leggings to review for Sew Mama Sew.  The pattern is now available and I really liked it!  Like all Oliver+S patterns, they are beautifully designed and detailed.  This was my first time using a digital pattern from Oliver+S.  Previously I have only used their paper patterns and I am a big fan of the digital pattern.  It makes it so easy to print the pieces whenever you need them and cut them to the exact size you need.

Playtime Dress

This pattern included a dress, tunic and leggings.  The dress and tunic can be made from both cotton quilting fabrics AND knits.  I couldn't resist not making one of each and the leggings too.

Knit Playtime Tunic

The cotton madras version fits Gwyneth perfectly.  (They both do.)  The neckline has a beautiful top-stitched mock Peter Pan collar.

Playtime Dress, collar detail

The front pocket detail also includes top-stitching around the pocket to keep it in place and do add some lovely detail.

Playtime Dress, pocket detail stitching

The back buttons also have lovely stitching around them and I do love these little happy sunny buttons.

Playtime Dress, back

Playtime Dress, button detail

The knit version which I made into a tunic is just a slightly shorter version of the dress.  It was just as easy to make from knits as it was the madras fabric.  I really had fun with this one mixing knits.

Knit Playtime Tunic, view 2

For the top-stitching on this tunic, I used pink thread which really popped!  I love it!

Knit Playtime Tunic, view 1

Knit Playtime Tunic, stitching detail

The stitching on the back really shows up on the brown. I used slightly larger buttons on the back of this version.  I really liked these green buttons and they were only a bit larger than what was recommended.

Knit Playtime Tunic, back

Gwyneth is really excited to wear these to school (once we don't have 90 degree weather!).  Thanks Oliver+S and Sew Mama Sew for giving me a copy of this pattern to review.

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