Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A rarely used skill

For those of you who don't know, I am the current VP of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG).  Being VP has a few extra jobs sometimes - like making a set of corsages. 


We (the MMQG board and I) were inspired to make our guests and visitors stand out a little.  Our group is growing every month and its so hard to keep up with new members and keep track of guests as well.


These colorful corsages will be loaned to visitors at our monthly meetings so we can spot them in the crowd and go say "hello" and make them feel welcome.


I whipped these up at our last board meeting.  I couldn't decide on just one color so I went with several so people could pick which color they would like to wear.


The flowers are "silk", of course, so they can be reused again and again.

At an early age, my mother taught me how to wire and tape flowers (both silk and real) and shape them any way I want - corsages, bouquets, table arrangements and wreaths. She used to work as a florist, before I was born, making wedding bouquets and funeral swags. She shared her knowledge on all things "floral" as I was growing up and I learned a lot more than I ever realized - I know how to wire a flower (silk or real) and how to do certain ones (some require a delicate touch because they bruise easily and some you can be rough with), how to store them and how to keep them beautiful (the fresh ones that is).  I know when to use Oasis vs Styrofoam and that the sound of someone cutting Styrofoam is the worst sound in the world to me. And to never, ever store flowers in the fridge if fruit is in there. 


We used the corsages at our October MMQG meeting and we had so many guests we almost ran out!  I may need to add a few more.  I wonder if I can get these flowers in blue.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Strawberry Pillow

strawberry pillow

I found something growing in the yard.

strawberry pillow

Na, just kidding.

It's a strawberry pillow.  Isn't it super cute?

The instructions for this pillow are on the Purl Bee.  I only made the one pillow (the instructions make two) and had to make a few changes because I was a little short on the red pin dot fabric, but it worked.

strawberry pillow, top view

I used a red pin dot from RJR fabrics and for the stem, I used Moda Cross Weave Wovens in Wasabi.  The cross weave was not the best choice for the stem because there was a little stuffing in there and I had to be very careful about stuffing it, but it was the perfect color (and I love the name Wasabi) so I made it work.

strawberry pillow

This pillow has found it's way onto my daughter's bed.  Who would have thought?

strawberry pillow

It fits in nicely with her other pillows, Teddy's and favorite doll.

strawberry pillow

strawberry pillow

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gift Bag Totes Down Under

I'm excited to finally share a project I made for Legacy's launch (which came out yesterday) in select Spotlight stores in Australia.   


Several months ago, Legacy sent me some fabric and materials to make some bright floral gift bag totes. I made three versions of the gift bag tote in two sizes.  The Gift Bag Tote instructions can be found on free project sheets you can just grab in Spotlight stores and use later.

How cool is that?


If you don't live near a Spotlight Store, you can get the free tutorial from Legacy.

These little totes aren't just for gifts like the name implies - although they are so adorable as gift bags. They are so versatile.  They are great for holding knitting projects or embroidery projects, as an adorable book bag -- so many, uses!

These two totes went to my Mom and mother-in-law for Mother's Day.  Honestly I forget which one has which tote.  I let my husband pick the one for his Mom.


I kept the little one and use it to hold my yarn as I knit.


This one (below) was my favorite. Love the colors (and the stripes).  It reminds me of France -- the fields of sunflowers I saw speeding along on the TGV and a striped sun umbrella I once saw on the beach in Cannes.


If you live by a Spotlight Store, check out all the Legacy products and fun project sheets!  I'd love to see your finished Gift Bag Totes!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Merry Christmas Pillow Pattern

I'm happy to announce my latest pattern has been released!  - available on Craftsy and Etsy.

Merry Modern Christmas Pillow Pattern

The Merry Modern Christmas Pillow pattern is so fun.  It is designed to use small scraps in red and white, black and white, and golden yellow (or silver). It is so much fun to make!

It will make a perfect addition to Christmas decorations -- who doesn't love pillows? 

A sophisticated and modern take on the classic Santa decorations, the Modern Merry Christmas Pillow is made from your scraps making it a fun and economical sewing project.

After the holidays are over, I'll remove the pillow form and pack the pillow cover away for next year.  Then use the pillow form in another pillow case. 

Merry Modern Christmas Pillow Pattern

Instructions include details on how to make a simple envelope pillow backing - perfect for beginner pillow makers.

The 15 page PDF comes with complete instructions, beautiful computer generated diagrams and color photos. The PDF pattern pages print out directly from your computer onto standard 8.5" x 11" paper.

Merry Modern Christmas Pillow Pattern

For home and personal use only. No commercial use.

Merry Modern Christmas Pillow Pattern

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sew Together Bags

get together bags

In early June, I made two Sew-Together bags and a gathered clutch as teacher gifts.   I stayed up late making them the last night before school ended last June.  They appeared in my Instagram feed, and suddenly summer happened and I forgot all about blogging them.

So here they are...

get together bag

It was so hard to give them away, but they were pretty amazing teachers (and teachers' assistant).  One of these days, I'll make one for me.  (I've got some Tula Pink set aside just for that.)

get together bag

I love how colorful this one looks!

And the zippers!  I love zippers!

get together bag

For the second, I was going for a vintage French flea market feel.

get together bag

I added zipper tabs to the inside of the zippers. 

get together bag

get together bag

I wonder what they use them for.  Now that school is started, perhaps I'll stop by and ask.

get together bag

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A little t-shirt for a not so little boy

School started yesterday!  WooHoo! - 6.5 hrs of uninterrupted sewing/designing time every day.  It's like Christmas, only better.  (The kiddos were also very excited for school to start again.)

striped t-shirt

This year Connor starts 4th grade!  Where has the time gone?  He is now gaining on me rapidly in height.  His feet are almost as big as mine (they are already bigger than my mom's).  He's really growing up and of course he needs new (bigger) clothes all the time and now he told me he wants to "dress more grown up".

I found this simple knit stripe at Jo-Ann's and drafted a pattern from one of his other shirts that fit well.  It turned out well -- it fits just like the shirt I modeled it after.

striped t-shirt

I did quite a bit of fussy cutting on this one so that I could get all the stripes to match up!

matching stripes

matching stripes

matching stripes

I'm so glad the drafted pattern worked out well.  (Especially since his wardrobe is mainly t-shirts and shorts/pants).  I'm sure I will be using it again ..... at least until he grows out of that size.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Halloween treat bags

I'm so excited to finally share these Halloween treat bags with you!

Halloween Bags

The tutorial for these bags can be found in the Sept/Oct 2014 Issue (#7) of Pretty Patches.  (See it on the cover in the top right?)

Pretty Patches Issue 7

Pretty Patches Issue 7

These are so simple to make!  I had way too much fun with them.  My kids can't wait to use them on Halloween (OK, maybe getting candy has something to do with it too).

My favorite is definitely the BOO! bag which, come October, will by MY tote bag for the month and be used for all my shopping (I may have to make some more).

Boo!  Bag

These are super simple applique bags, so even a beginner can make them!

Spooky Ghosts Bag

Go check them out!

Halloween Bags


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